Wusthof - Classic Knife Block Set - 5 Piece


Wusthof - Classic Knife Block Set - 5 Piece

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Wusthof Classic 5 pce Starter Set - Containing:a knife block with

6 slots -

Paring Knife 9cm (4")

Bread knife 20 cm (8")

Carving knife- 20 cm (8")

Cookå«s knife 23 cm (9")

Sharpening steel - Forged from a single blank of high carbon, no-stain surgical steel.åÊ

This means the blade, the bolster and the full tang are all one piece. It gives great strength where it is most needed and excellent balance for an easy to use knife. - Traditional skills and the latest robotronics continue the grinding and polishing until the final cutting edge is applied at the most appropriate blade angle. - All items feature dishwasher safe handles but we recomend you never dish wash good knives, the high temperatures temper the knife, making it harder, the harder the steel the harder it is to sharpen. Just wipe it clean after use. - The handles are made of high impact polypropylene with a traditional triple rivet fixing for comfort and durabilty.