Knife Sharpening

We use knife sharpeners, M. Beltrami. Experts in restoring blades to their original sharpness.  Just bring your knives in any time before a Tuesday and you will have them back the following Tuesday.

How It Works

  1. Bring your dull or blunt knives to our shop (Make sure they are wrapped in a safe manner) 
  2. We charge £4.50 per knife and £6.00 for Scissors 
  3. You pay when you drop them off to us
  4. Our fabulous knife sharpener Mr M. Beltrami will collect your knifes on Tuesday 
  5. Your knives arrive back rejuvenated and sharper than new, the following Tuesday
  6. We contact you via telephone to let you know your knives are ready for collection
  7. You come to our shop and collect your knives (You paid when you dropped them off remember?)