La Carafe Original Blue/Clear


La Carafe Original Blue/Clear

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What better way to add a touch of nostalgia to mealtimes than serving your wine if choice from a La Carafe jug - a design classic from France. A common sight on dining tables of French schools and colleges, this plastic Carafe from the 1970's is a real blast from the cafeterias past.åÊ

This newly modeled design has been brought up to date and has become a statement piece.åÊ

With a huge following, it can found in many museums and stores, including MOMA in San Francisco, Pompidou Museum and the Museum of decorative art in Paris.åÊ

‰ۢ Stable, light and easy to use with a perfect pour.

‰ۢ Ribbed outer body with rounded base.åÊ

‰ۢ Each jug comes with its own protective cloth bag.åÊ