Le Creuset - 24cm Fluted Flan Dish - Pearl

Le creuset

Le Creuset - 24cm Fluted Flan Dish - Pearl

Our stoneware fluted flan dish is perfect for creating delicious tarts, flans, quiches and pies. Designed to distribute heat steadily and evenly for the best cooking results, this practical dish also looks stylish when presented at the table.

Made from specialist clays and fired at the highest temperatures, all our stoneware is strong and durable, so much so that we offer a 5-year guarantee on each piece. The dense stoneware provides exceptional thermal resistance and maintains even temperature when cooking. Thanks to our enamelling expertise our stoneware is also easy to clean and scratch resistant. Available in Almond.

Size: 24 x 4 cm

Capacity 1.35L