Emma Bridgewater - Christmas Joy Half Pint Mug

Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater - Christmas Joy Half Pint Mug

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Perfect for a festive hot chocolate, tea, coffee or even mulled wine, this delightful mug from Emma Bridgewater features a rustic Christmas design.

Sponge printed onto the creamy white ceramic background is a simple image in red of a house with a tree and stars which repeats in a row around the exterior. The tree has bare branches to denote the winter scene, and the mug is finished with green ivy leaves at the rim and base. Just below the rim is the word NOEL, printed in red.

This lovely Christmas piece can be added to previous Emma Bridgewater festive collections as it blends in perfectly and makes a lovely gift in its own right.

Height: 9cm

Diameter: 8.5cm

Capacity: 300ml