Double Oven Glove - What a Catch!

Sophie Allport

Double Oven Glove - What a Catch!


Protect your hands from hot pans with this lovely pair of heat resistant Double Oven Gloves in our fresh and summery 'What a Catch!' design. Fish, white coral, lobsters and crabs cover the marine blue background.

A practical gift for getting those piping hot casseroles out of the oven and great for anyone who lives by the sea or has a coastal interiors theme.

The Double Oven Glove is 18cm x 84cm and is 100% cotton. The reverse of the Glove and inside each hand pocket there is a special heat resistant fabric. There is also a handy 'loop' in the middle of the glove so you can hang it up in your kitchen.

Perhaps consider a matching Tea Towel •_Êor Apron•_Ê for some co-ordinated cooking! •_Ê

  • Heat resistant
  • Hanging loop
  • 100% cotton
  • 18 x 84cm
  • Machine washable