Le Creuset - Double Oven Glove - Black

Le Creuset

Le Creuset - Double Oven Glove - Black

The comprehensive range of textiles from Le Creuset is the perfect addition to your kitchen; all are made from the finest materials and will retain their colour even in the most demanding circumstances. 

This ingenious glove is 2 gloves in one! Protecting both hands at once, this glove is ample enough to wrap around larger pots. Unique 4-pocket design ensures maximum protection whichever way you put it on! Perfect for transferring hot pots and pans to the table. 

The 100% cotton canvas and towelling has a stain resistant coating which provides the added protection every cook needs

Le Creuset kitchen textiles are heat, steam and stain resistant. They are made of a unique combination of natural materials:

1st layer: commercial quality towelling - 100% cotton. An excellent natural insulator. Stain and splash resistant thanks to a special stain resistant coating.
2nd layer: stitch bonded cotton interlining - extra protection from this traditional lining. A proven insulator.
3rd layer: integral steam/grease barrier - an additional layer to prevent dangerous transference of heat if gloves get wet or greasy during use.
4th layer: canvas - 100% cotton. Stronger and more resistant than drill or jacquard. With a stain resistant coating - the most durable coating available to resist stain and repel water.

Le Creuset textiles are fully washable and pre-shrunk.

  • Cotton
  • Machine wash, according to care label
  • Cotton
  • Depth : 1 cm
  • Height : 36 cm
  • Width : 19 cm