Cook 'N' time cooking thermometer

Eva Solo

Cook 'N' time cooking thermometer

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The Cook ’N Time roast thermometer by Eva Solo is multifunctional, practical and modern – that is, a very useful kitchen gadget.

The design of this small, rounded all-in-one device is cool and discreet, and it combines three functions: it shows the time in its display - something essential in the kitchen! It can also be used as a roasting thermometer of course - simply stick the included skewer in the Cook 'N Time, press lightly on the display and set the timer by rotating the aluminium ring. Many pre-installed temperatures are already saved in the Cook ’N Time in order to prepare meat rare or well done, for example. Also, the melting temperature for chocolate can be displayed so that you can prepare a tasty meal followed by a tasty dessert. The third function is the timer. A beep indicates when, for example, an egg is ready.

Cook 'N Time by Eva Solo can be used intuitively and easily be attached to the oven.