Peugeot - 23cm Chateauneuf MS Salt Mill - Black


Peugeot - 23cm Chateauneuf MS Salt Mill - Black

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The salt grinder can be used in the kitchen or at the dinner table. It decorates both places. Peugeot's spikes are considered to be some of the best on the market.

  • Grinder in sustainable beech wood
  • 6 different settings of the grinder (fine-coarse)
  • Lifelong guarantee at the mill

Unique twisted mesh from Peugeot 
Since 1842, Peugeot has produced what is today considered to be the world's best salt and pepper grinder on the market.

The grinder is equipped with the patented u'Select system, which has 6 different settings - from fine to coarse. Select the desired setting by turning the ring at the bottom of the grinder.

The grinder mechanism is made of steel, which has patented treatment that protects against rust, retaining sharpness and abrasion resistance. Always keep the salt shaker dry.

You receive a 5-year warranty on the product and lifelong warranty at the mill.