Victorinox  - Swiss Carving Knife - Black

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Victorinox - Swiss Carving Knife - Black

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Victorinox Kitchen and Carving Knives feature the sharpness and strength you need every time you step up to the cutting board. Their ergonomic handles and balanced design make carving a breeze.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Polypropylene Handle: exhibits good strength, rigidity and hardness. It is suitable for sterilisation and can be used at temperatures of up to 80 - 100°C.
  • Blade: made of martensitic stainless steel. The basis for optimum function and durability of a blade, is the use of the correct steel alloy. The steel should deliver the perfect combination of cutting edge retention and corrosion protection. It should also be fexible, so it does not break during use.
  • Length of blade: 19 cm
  • Weigth: 92 g