Blue Neon Mug

Root 7

Blue Neon Mug


A Neon Mug is a thing of beauty, it stands out from the crowd and demands to be admired. There isnt a whole lot you can say about a mug unless it has a hole in the bottom or is made of chocolate -but a Neon Mug is made of so much more -and will do so much more than just hold your cuppa joe!

At Root7 we have found a type of paint that not only gives the mug a bright Neon glow that will have your fellow drinkers ooh'ing and aah'ing. It is also so soft and smooth to the touch you will want to rub it all over your face and never let go of your cuppa joe! How have we done this? Well we have used a special soft touch rubberised paint. It is hard to explain how soft it is until you have held it gently in your hands, (we could liken it to the soft down of a new born chick) and those vibrant colours will have you admiring your mug all day!

Root7 Neon Mugs are made with love so treat your mugs with love and care by hand washing only and keeping them far from the harsh radioactive rays of a microwave. You'll love the touch so much you won't mind spending some TLC on them to keep them clean.