Peugeot - Paris U Select 22cm White Pepper Mill


Peugeot - Paris U Select 22cm White Pepper Mill

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Special grinding mechanism developed only for pepper milling.

Two-way grinding mechanism uSelect with adjustable grinding roughness.

The mechanism consists of a double-row toothed spiral that perfectly guides and holds individual pepper grains. The steel from which the mechanism is made is specially treated with the patented anti-corrosion process. As a result, the mechanism retains its sharpness and resilience.

The mills are distinguished by letters P and S on the top of the crown.

Made in France.

Supplied filled.

Peugeot has been a leading manufacturer of luxury spice and coffee mills with a tradition since 1810. The Peugeot grinder bodies and grinding mechanisms are produced in France, where they are also manually assembled. For each kind of spice, Peugeot developed a special grinding mechanism. This is why Peugeot mills are specially made for pepper, salt and other spices.