Le Creuset - 14in Oven Mitt - Coastal blue

Le Creuset

Le Creuset - 14in Oven Mitt - Coastal blue


The Le Creuset Textiles 14 Inch Oven Mitt offers you maximum protection when transferring hot pans and trays from the oven to the table.

Crafted from heat, steam and stain resistant cotton, the oven glove is fitted with a special nylon barrier between the layers of insulation to ensure full protection from hot steam and grease, and features an articulated thumb for natural movement and excellent grip. Complete with a magnet in the lining for easy storage. 


1st Layer: commercial quality towelling – 100% cotton. An excellent natural insulator.
2nd Layer: stitch bonded cotton interlining – extra protection from this traditional lining. A proven insulator.
3rd Layer: integral steam/grease barrier – an additional layer to prevent dangerous transference of heat if gloves get wet or greasy during use.
4th Layer: canvas - 100% cotton. Stronger and more resistant than drill or jacquard. With a stain resistant coating – the most durable coating available to resist stain and repel water.